Crowdfunding the Earth ™

Nature is crying, help us relieve her pain.

The Earth needs warriors. Now more than ever.

Ecosystems have been destroyed. Lands stripped of its fruits and minerals. Ancient cultures and traditions almost extinct through negligence and deforestation. Centuries of toxic cycles and behaviors that we end now.

The Ocean is the key and lifesource for all of nature on Earth.

All living beings, including humanity fully depend on it. Protecting our coastlines and marine ecosystems is only the beginning.

The war on our lands and trees have taken a toll on the very lungs of our planet.

Deforestation and industrialization at an all time high.
Millions of species are being left without homes.
How will the Earth breathe? How will our species co-exist if nature’s CO2 is at risk?

Communities in action

Time is of the essence. It’s time we plant back what’s been taken.

Learning and implementing new ways of managing our resources and general waste can save years in the efforts that are already taking place to help clean and reverse a lot of the damage that’s been done.

Grassroots Projects

Connecting with grassroots communities near you and in our pool of environmental leaders allows for further expansion of these new tools and opportunities of where and how we can help, united.

Indigenous Cultures

Indigenous Tribes are being displaced and their traditions at risk from being lost in time.

As gatekeepers of the earth’s wisdom and medicine since humanity’s genesis, now more than ever it is up to us to help them maintain these teachings on the lands they have inherited from their ancestors, allowing us to learn and spread environmental consciousness to all global brothers and sisters.

Resources Management

Re-use to Re-verse

Consumerism, the ultimate plague. Vanity, the ultimate test of the Ego. How much longer will it take for humanity to realize that the very nature needed in life to heal and feel whole, is the one we've put in danger by entertaining guilty pleasures.

If fish consume trash, so do we.

Everything we do affects the circle of life. How do we expect to dispose of our waste in the same waters we fish from and pretend that we too are not affected by our own unconscious behavior?

As sea levels rise, so does our consciousness.

May the information we've gained from studying our ill practices in the past and the consequences we've reaped, allow us the impulse to create action plans that can help prevent larger damage and instead re-direct our focus towards a more sustainable future.