Crowdfunding the Earth ™

The first step is taking responsibility.

In order to make a change within us and in our environments, we must first accept that there is something wrong and that we have a part in it.

Wasteful vs Sustainable Generation

Access to water, education, electricity and food; so many people in the world struggle daily for things many of us take for granted. There’s so much we waste, and so much others need. Together we can change that.

Pollution is deadly.

Humans have extinguished more species and natural resources than any natural catastrophe ever has. The damage done by industrialization seems almost irreparable, yet it is not. It’s time we change this brutal approach and work towards preserving our lands and our biodiversity.

We have to acknowledge the damage done in order to heal.

Indigenous Cultures are in danger of extinction

With native homes being affected and exploited by deforestation and government politics, indigenous people have become vulnerable to being displaced from the lands they've lived on and have protected for centuries.

Marine Ecosystems are deteriorating

The marine environment is a vital resource for all life on Earth. It regulates the climate, accumulates and distributes solar energy, absorbs carbon dioxide, amongst many more. All of this greatly affected by overfishing, marine pollution, oil spills, coastal development, poaching and illegal trade, the list goes on...

The Good that’s already happening.

Renewable energy generation hits all-time high

Based on trends, renewable energy capacity could exceed the current use of fossil fuels and nuclear energy combined by 2026. 2022 has set an all-time high with new solar installations, wind farms and new technologies, the world has added an estimated 290 gigawatts of renewable power production capacity this year.

Highest recycling rates ever.

In 2021 and 2022, Germany has kept leading recycling statistics since 2016, maintaining the highest recycling rates in the world, with 56.1% of all waste it produced the previous year being recycled. It is currently followed by: Austria – 53.8%, South Korea – 53.7%, Wales – 52.2%, and Switzerland in fifth place with– 49.7%.

Take a stance, make a change.

Become part of the solution.


We have power in numbers

Together we can do great things and improve the health of our planet.